A Special Thanks…

It takes many dedicated individuals to restore a legendary automobile like 5R002. In addition to the men who actually work on the car there are numerous individuals who have helped with historical research and parts acquisition. Below is a list of the people we would like to thank for their efforts.

Glenn Alford Historical Photographs Fayetteville, AR
Bob Bondurant Former Shelby American Employee / 5R002 Test Driver / World Championship Driver
Peter Brock Original GT350 Designer and on and on and on…
John Brown  Project Leader Thoroughbred Restorations Piedmont, Oklahoma
Chuck Cantwell Where do I start? Original GT350 Project engineer / 5R002, and so much more.
Dan Case Historical Research / Technical Research / Parts Acquisitions. Hartselle, AL
Craig Conley Paradise Wheels San Marcos, CA
Jim Cowles Parts Acquisitions Shelby Parts & Restoration Green Bay, WI
Austin Craig Historical Research Parkland, FL
Eric English Photography Seattle, WA
Andrew Fish Parts Acquisition / Historical Research Austin, TX
Donald Farr Editor, Mustang Monthly Magazine Lakeland, FL
Bob Gaines Historical Research Kansas City, MO
Mark Hovander “Mark has been a tremendous contributor to the entire restoration process.” Edmonds, WA
Robert Jackson Historical Photographs Colorado
Bruce Junor Historical Research Former Shelby Employee
Rick Kopec Historical research and much, much more. / Operating Director, Shelby American Automobile Club
Bernie Kretzschmar Shelby American Team GT350 Crew Chief Costa Mesa, CA
Jim Marietta Former Shelby Employee / 5R002 Fabricator / Mechanic California
Jerry Moss Parts Acquisitions  Germany
Howard Pardee Historical Research /1965 – 1966 Shelby Registrar for Shelby American Automobile Club.
Bob Perkins Parts Acquisitions Perkins Restorations
Ron Richards & Bob Shaw “A special thanks goes out to Ron, Bob and all the members of SAAC. They made it possible for our film crew to interview former Shelby employees at SAAC-38 in California. They also organized a tremendous national convention for the club.”
Dick Rousch Historical Research / Parts Acquisitions Roy, WA
Art Sahlstein Video from Green Valley Race 2/14/1965 / Historical Research Dallas, TX
Ron Sampson Former Shelby Employee / Historical Research
Mike Sangster Former Shelby Employee / Historical Research California
Jerry Schwarz Fabrication / Technical Advisor during restoration / 5R002 Fabricator / Mechanic / Crew Chief. Atlanta, GA
Michael Sedlak Parts Acquisition / Historical Research Brighton, MI
Jeff Sneathen Parts Acquisition SEMO Mustang,Gordonville, MO
Jeff Speegle Historical Research
Curt Vogt Pars Acquisitions / Technical Advice Cobra Automotive, Shelby AmericanAutomobile Club

Wallingford, CT

Steve Volk 5R002 Acquisitions / Historical Research Shelby American CollectionBoulder, CO
Jim Wicks Endless hours of assistance. / Director, Mid America Ford and Shelby Nationals Oklahoma
Ken Young Parts Acquisitions Sturgeon Bay, WI
Mikael Zingmark Parts Acquisitions  Germany


With a project this size and as many dedicated people who have contributed it is possible that someone has been inadvertently left off this list. If that has happened we sincerely apologize and would note that list will be updated as the project progresses.